Google Play Music Error Retrieving Information From Server

This error message may occur while you’re downloading or updating an app regardless whether it’s paid or free. It may occur to all Android devices since it’s app- or device-specific error but an issue with the Google Play Store.  How to Fix Google Play Music Server Error
1. Check your date and time settings Every server has a date and time security certificate that validates your connection. However, your connection request may be refused if you’re not using the correct date and time settings.
Go to Settings and locate Date and Time or Time Zone Enable Automatic time zone or Set automatically
2. Clear Google Play Music and Google Play cacheGo to Settings → select AppsSelect the Google Play and Google Play Music appsTap the Force Stop button to close the appsTap Storage and tap Clear Cache and then Clear DataReboot your phone.
3. Update or reinstall Play Store MusicTry updating your Google Play and Google Play Music apps.
Open the Google Play App, search for Google Play Music and hit the Update button — if there’s one.
Reboot your phone and check if the problem persists. If you’re still getting the same server error, try deleting your Google Play Music app.
4. Remove your Google accountWhen you use Google Play or any other apps downloaded from the Store, your Google account is used to pass a series of authentication processes for security reasons.
If some of these processes fail to complete due to sync issues or because your connection is not stable, removing your Google account from your phone and setting it up again should solve the problem.
In this manner, you basically force your Google account to sync with Google’s servers once again.
5. Switch to an alternative appIf you haven’t heard the news, Google is planning to gradually end support for the Google Play Music app. The company is replacing the app with YouTube Music.

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