Podcast Addict: Deleting All Listened To Podcasts

You get Podcast Addict from the Google store, and you load Podcast Addict with your favorite content. Podcast Addict is discrete with consuming data on your device. The interface will show you all of your subscriptions, but you have control over how much content is actually loaded on your device, provided that you are not using the streaming option.
Podcast Addict is an app that links podcasts, audiobooks, news feeds, live radio, and more. It enables you to automate and manipulate a large array of collections of content that interests you. It keeps up with your favorite subscriptions of daily or weekly content with the click of one button.
With podcasts, you’ll never miss your latest content in the news or sports. Also, your podcasts will allow you to binge those favorite shows that you missed.
Podcast Addict is free to download on your Android device. Some podcast options are free or can be used for a small fee. Podcasts like Serial, hosted by Sarah Koenig, has intriguing episodes of investigative journalism. Her stories range from complications in murder investigations to complex discussions of how soldiers participate in the military.
Playlist UpdatesThis app lets you determine how much content you would like to download for each podcast. Refresh options automate updating your various playlists. Podcast Addict has an intuitive search option that is as simple as any search engine you would use to look for your favorite newscast or popular drama.
Your QueueThe app gives you control over where you want podcast episodes to appear in your podcast queue. This, like many other options, is performed with simple actions that are common for most devices today.
Play SpeedSpeed adjustments let you review your content briskly if you just want a quick review. Or, you can slow the content down to focus on important parts. The app has a great sleep timer that allows you to drift off to sleep or other activities after a certain amount of time.
This is just like the sleep option on your flat-screen television. You program the device for a certain amount of time, and the device turns itself off. In the case of Podcast Addict, the timer will stop playing content.
Deleting PodcastsNow, you’ve indiscriminately downloaded more content than you could possibly keep up within a 24-hour period. If you listened to all of the content on your Podcast Addict app, you would have no life. It is time to move the downloaded content off of your device because it is taking up too much space.

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