Android: How to Remove the Background on Any Image

Things become much difficult when it comes to removing the background from the image on Android. Although there are lots of Android Photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store, none of them has a background eraser feature.
Erasing the background on any Android can result in a lot of funny pictures. You can remove the background of a picture of you and then use another app to turn yourself into a WhatsApp sticker, for example.
Or, you can add a tropical background and make everyone think that you’ve visited the tropical island of your dreams. The following Android app does a great job of removing the background on any image without the need for in-app purchases.
Erase Backgrounds Automatically on Any Android Device
The app you’ll need to install is called – Remove Backgrounds 100% Automatically. When the app opens, tap on the blue upload image button and choose what app you want to add the image from. The app does a great job of removing the background even in the tiniest details, but there is one annoying thing.
The app has you go through some tests (not all the time). It’s to make sure ¨you’re human¨ by selecting an image’s traffic lights. Other than that, it gets the job done. The image whose background is removed will automatically appear in your device’s gallery.
What you do with the image after is your choice, but there’s always the option of turning that image into a WhatsApp sticker. You can use apps such as Wemoji, Stickerly, or Sticker Maker. Other apps might not have the option to remove the background for you, and you have to remove it yourself. But, this app does a great job if you need to get things done in a hurry.
ConclusionThis app is a real life-saver if you want to remove the background in a picture with complicated edges. It cannot be enjoyable when you can’t get rid of those last pixels from the image. What will you be doing with the images whose background you’re going to remove?

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