How to Use Googles Block Store Library for Signing into Apps

The problem is more prominent when you migrate to a new phone from a different OEM, as specific OEM backup and restore solutions are often tailored towards that particular ecosystem. Google has been attempting to take a crack at this problem by leveraging the Google Play Services framework and Google Drive to provide a built-in backup manager service for Google’s Android. 
Augmenting Applications and Data Porting When Migrating to New PlatformsWhen you migrate to a new Android phone with an updated or new OEM, it can be tough to get back to your preferred state of applications. Since restoring solutions and specific back-ups are tailored to each particular ecosystem, such issues are bound to affect the new Android 11 platform users.
Previously, Google leveraged its play services framework for a built-in back-up manager for its Android Google drive application. The operating system tried to crack these challenges by backing up your call history, contacts, specified application data, and text messages.
However, since Google drive auto back up settings and data, it’ll log out of all accounts in during migration. This opt-out scenario creates headaches for many who can’t recall specific password details.
This device migration situation is on the verge of improving. All thanks to Google’s new Block Store Library.
Using Google’s BlockChain Library for App Logins and Sign-UpsLet’s say you’ve purchased a new smartphone, tablet, or Android TV. Logging into the accounts that provide application services can get frustrating. Third-party password manager apps can help to a certain degree. But that also means your confidentiality level is compromised.
For instance, a new phone may take a while to set-up. Seeing as you had the previous model for nearly a year. You may have registered into apps using different credentials for services and apps. Google’s restore and the back-up app don’t accommodate login details.
The only Android compatible app that supports account-wide login with the Smart Lock feature is Netflix.
While still in beta or release mode, Android’s Block Store Library by Google will take the frustration of moving your preferences to a new device or platform. A token style system for the API (Application Programming Interface) will require developer input to fix user migration issues.
As part of your Google account, you can back up account credentials for simultaneous app logins. Tokens will store your information for apps that support the Block Store Library API, using end-to-end encryption.
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