How to Change the Default Browser on Android

Depending on the settings of your Android phone or tablet, you might not have a default web browser. As a result, you’ll be presented with a series of browser options every time you tap a link. 
Everyone has a browser that they prefer to use on their devices. When this isn’t the same as the default browser on the platform in question, then it can be quite annoying when links open in the wrong browser. If you want to prevent that, then what you need to do is change your phone’s default browser.
There is a wide selection of browsers available in the Google Play store. Each one has a different combination of features so there’s plenty of scope for you to find an alternative browser that you prefer over the default one. Some examples of the type of features that could tempt you away are different user interfaces, better performance, and built-in ad-blocking.
How to change the default browser on Android
Once you’ve found, installed, and decided that you want to use a particular browser as your default browser, the next thing to do is to actually set it to be the default option. To do so, you first need to open your phone’s settings app. next, scroll down and tap on “Apps”
Tip: These instructions are designed for Samsung phones. On phones made by other manufacturers with different Android variants, the process may be slightly different.
In the “Apps” list, tap on the triple-dot icon in the top-right corner, then select “Default apps” from the drop-down menu.
In the next menu, tap “Browser app” to be able to select which browser you want to set as your default.
Simply select a browser from the list, to set it as your Android phone’s default browser.
Tip: This list of browsers only includes currently installed browser apps, so ensure that you have the browser you want to use installed first.
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